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Supplementation (Vitamin/ Calcium "Dusting")

Supplementation: Aside from food itself, something very important to dart frogs is providing calcium and other minerals and vitamins. Eating fruit flies alone and or in conjunction with the few available commercial insects will not provide the adequate nutritional needs of your dart frogs. Thus using a commercially prepared supplement is required. These supplements are in powdered form. You provide supplements to you dart frogs in what's referred to as "dusting". You use the calcium/ vitamin powder to "dust" the fruit flies/ feeder insects. Fruit flies are low in calcium. Calcium is essential to prevent ailments such things as metabolic bone disorder.

Calcium with D3
For proper absorption of calcium, Vitamin D3 is required in the calcium supplement. Do not use Calcium without vitamin D3.

Vitamins & Minerals
Aside from Calcium and Vitamin D3, frogs will also need supplementation of additional vitamins and minerals. Repashy Calcium plus is a calcium and multi vitamin "all in one" vitamin, DendroCare is another "all in one".

Some frog keepers also provide carotenoids which is thought to help increase the pigmentation and coloration of their dart Red and Orange frogs. The antioxidants may also be beneficial for health and aid in healing.

What we do: As a reference, please also do your research as to your needs with your veterinarian and other experienced poison frog breeders.
Daily: Repashy Calcium Plus for daily feedings:
1x a month (each on a different day): Repashy SuperVite mixed with Repashy Calcium Plus
Repashy Vitamin A Plus mixed with Repashy Calcium Plus (2x Monthly for problem breeders)
Repashy Superpig mixed with Repashy Calcium Plus for darts with reds and oranges.

Too much of a good thing
As in people and other animals note that it is possible to provide too much vitamins to your poison frogs. Follow vitamin labeling and do not exceed recommended supplementation. Vitamin A is especially dangerous if provided too much too often. Beta Carotene converts to vitamin A as needed, however research shows that amphibians cannot metabolize needed vitamin A from beta carotene and should not be used.

Note, vitamins interact with air and moisture. Prolonged exposure will degrade vitamins and their potency. Thus it is recommended to refrigerate supplements and also to replace every 6 months. Older vitamins can be added to enrich your fruit fly culture media versus simply throwing away.

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