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How to feed your frogs fruit flies

How to feed your frogs? So you have lots of little bugs that you want to feed to your frogs. They are all in a deli cup and looking to escape the moment you open the container... What to do. Really practice practice practice and see what works for you based on what you have around you.
For us we recommend using a large mouthed deep Tupperware container (couple quarts to gallon size)
Fruit Fly Container Fruit Fly Container
Sprinkle your Calcium with D3 and or multivitamin into a corner of your container. Then take your fruit fly deli cup, tap hard enough to dislodge the flies from the lid area and down to the bottom of the culture. Then quickly tilt the deli cup and shake downward to pour an appropriate amount of flies into the Tupperware. Then quickly tilt up the deli cup, and tap in downward on a surface to dislodge them away from the lid so you can quickly close it without catching any in the lip of the lid. Takes practice to do but you will quickly get the hang of it.
Then quickly tap your Tupperware downward on a surface to dislodge your fruit flies that are now climbing up back to the bottom. Then agitate the Tupperware so that the flies move into the powder and get coated with the calcium vitamin mix and slow down. Once coated the flies are not as capable of climbing upward again for some time. You can then take the contain to your vivarium's and sprinkle them in to feed your frogs. At this point as well you can transfer them into a 32oz deli cup to have something less bulky in hand. Tip: If you use a feeding station in your vivarium it makes feeding frogs easier. Select a low mouthed food dish, ideally even a Petri dish. Every few days put in the center of the dish a small dime to nickel size piece of fruit such as banana, apple (without skin), mango, etc. This fruit that will encourage your flies to stay put and instead of spreading around the vivarium or out of the vivarium into your living space. It will provide a spot for you to dump in the flies, and allow your dart frogs to feed easily and increase the success of each feeding. Less flies will escape your frogs. Additionally any excess calcium will fall in the dish not on the vivarium substrate that can harm some plants. You want to avoid having excess powder repeatedly get in the vivarium. Every few days clean out the feeding dish. Best to sterilize with hot water and vinegar or diluted bleach. Rinse well and allow to dry.
Feeding dish

How often do I feed my frogs?
Generally speaking you will want to feed your frogs daily. Froglets/sub-adults should be fed daily. Adults can be fed every other day, based on the amount of flies they ate at the prior feeding. Keep in mind when frogs are kept in groups the alpha frogs will eat more than the less aggressive and smaller frogs. Make sure they all get their fill or some may suffer and get thin. Additionally in the wild dart frogs will forage for insects all day. Thus having a thriving micro-fauna population may help supplement your frogs between your fruit fly feedings. Thus we recommend seeding your vivarium periodically with springtails and dwarf white isopods.

Supplementation: Make sure to dust your flies to provide vitamins and minerals to your frogs: Supplementation details.

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